The Optics Experimental Kit

The Optics Experimental Kit textbook covers all the topics in the national curriculum and aims to give students a deeper understanding of the behaviour of light and how to use it. The book starts with basic concepts, such as light, the light beam, the rectilinear propagation of light, etc., and uses them to explore and practically test increasingly complex, but also exciting, optical phenomena as the course progresses.

Unlike other Praktikal’s teaching books, the experiments in the Optics Experimental Kit really try out all aspects of the topics covered. This is because, for many of the topics in lighting, students have no direct hands-on experience at all, unlike in mechanics or thermodynamics, for example.

Our study content covers everything you need to learn and you don’t necessarily need another textbook. In addition, it contains a wealth of methodological material on both the general structure of the course and the ideas behind the specific worksheets.

The optics sample lesson

This is a lesson from the optics course, with all the worksheets that make up the lesson in one view. This view is intended primarily for the teacher, so methodological comments on the different parts of the lesson are included.

The optics sample sheets

Praktikal’s lessons consist of worksheets. This is the part that is seen by the student. The worksheets have a variety of content – tests, simulations, questions, exercises, quizzes, etc.

8 subjects

Lessons are grouped into eight themes, which form a logically structured learning path.

27 hours

The learning package is divided into 27 lessons, which form a structured learning path.

Test equipment

The Optics Experimental Kit contains everything you need to study light phenomena, including light sources, lenses and lens models, screens, transparent and matte surfaces, light filters, instruments for studying spectra, and a set of glass beads. With this kit, students will be able to try out in real life all the phenomena and laws described in the textbook and study them in depth.

Erinevad läätsed
Värvilised paberid, luminestseeruvad paberid, valgusfiltrid, vikerkaare prillid, must paber difraktsiooni võrega
Ekraan, ekraan helkuri ribaga, must paber ühe ja kolme piluga, plastik peegel, lääts, jpm
Paberi klambrid, valgusallikas, LED-lamp, plastist silinder, rõhknõelda, nööpnõelad

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