The Optics Activity Box

Praktikal’s home activity box is a great way to explore the laws of physics outside the classroom. An engaging and educational experience awaits for you.

The Optics Activity Box​


How does a mirror or kaleidoscope work? How are illusions or rainbows created? The box contains step-by-step instructions and all the tools you need to carry out 10 educational and exciting experiments. There’s more to discover for the curious experimenter!

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“If at the beginning I wasn’t sure how much of the new knowledge in the optics box would stick with the children, then in the AHHAA science theatre, where the theme was optics, the children shone with their knowledge.”

-Henry Jakobson, A Mida Henry Teeb?

10 tests

From seeing colours to the lens working, the human eye is an amazing organ.

For ages 7-107

Experiment together or explore on your own – it’s all about the joy of discovery.

15 different experiment tools

Practical and high-quality equipment that is built to last.

The importance of vision cannot be overestimated. It is through vision that we orient ourselves in the world around us, enjoy experiences ranging from appetising food to fine art, recognise people dear to us, and even read this text.

How does vision physically work?

Light reflection is the basis of everything. Sight always works in the same way: there must always be a light source somewhere, and the light emitted by this source is reflected back to our eyes. The fact that physics works in the same way everywhere, all the time, is one of the most fascinating things about physics.

But how do mirrors or kaleidoscopes work? How are illusions or rainbows created?

The Optics Activity Box helps us to understand the mysteries and laws of light.

Experiment equipment

The Optics Activity Box contains everything you need to study light phenomena, including a light source, lenses, screens, glasses, clamps, a laser, and mirrors.

All the test tools are conveniently packed in one box, with instructions on how to use them alone, together, or alternately.

An engaging guide

Well-structured materials that explain the underlying concepts of “how it all works.”

Tasks are designed to be lifelike and playful, so that everyone has a sense of achievement and science brings a sparkle to the eyes.

Does it sound exciting and you would like to get up to speed with the action box?


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